Alice In Flames

Fire Shows ~ Fire Dancing ~ Fire Eating ~ Fire Performances ~ Fire Acts

Alice In Flames ~ Fire Shows ~ Fire Dancing ~ Fire Eating ~ Fire Spinning ~ Fire Performances ~ Fire Acts

Turn up the heat on your Club nights, Parties, Banquets, Weddings, Corporate events, Festivals & Special occasions with a fire show you will never forget!

Enhance your nights with a fire performance by Alice In Flames and stand out from the rest! 

 Hi! I'm Alice. 
I'm a fire dancer passionately in love with fire, smoke, sparks, flames, fuel, fumes and anything that sizzles and goes boom. 
Entertain your guests, clients and customers with a flamboyant fire show.
If you want to make your venue, weddings, parties, corporate events, banquets and special nights stand out from the rest, CALL ME! 
Each fire dance is unique, captivating, guaranteed to thrill, and can be tailored to your needs.
From sensual and beguiling fire eating and fire dancing to dazzling fire spinning, I will make your night memorable!
 Alice's specialty acts: fire spinning, fire dancing, fire eating, body burning, fire performances.
Fire acts for theatre / stage productions; fire modelling.
By request: Firewalking events. Making burnable fire props, fire signs, fire sculptures;
Media, Print and TV adverts, minor Fire stunts for film and TV.
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 Fire Shows anytime, anyplace, anywhere!





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Fire shows all over the world: England, UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East, America, Africa, Australia, Asia

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